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In the Netherlands my diaries
were bestsellers. I got a lot of
personal reactions from
fellow-sufferers but also from people
around them and other people who
were interested. The books more
than once encouraged them in their
battle with the manic-depressive
disorder. These positive reactions
made me translate my books.

My first publisher failed to
translate the books (the humor)
in a proper way.
By mutual agreement I left my
publisher and found my current
publisher Repro & Design.
They succeeded in translating the
books as they were meant to be.
From the start the current publisher
was enthusiastic to provide the
omnibus with striking illustrations.
Here is one example:

Illustration from the new omnibus
▲ Illustration from the new omnibus ▲
The first two Books
I love myself... and the feeling is mutual
God is confused, He thinks He’s Pieter
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De Vijver
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