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My connection with the museum

Together with four other people I am
allowed free entrance into The Dolhuys
(the Madhouse) of Haarlem. Don't
worry, it's the museum of psychiatry.
A director interviewed me several times
and this material has been used for a
so-called audioroute. The purpose of the
audioroute is, that the visitor of the
museum experiences the different items
which are shown, through the eyes of
the people with a psychiatric past.
A limited number of five people has been
chosen so that the visitor can really get
to know these people. At particular
places in the museum statements of
these five people can be heard. Each
spot has its own theme. One such a
spot is ‘The Linen room’. In the former
linen room of the museum loudspeakers
are built into different, small cabinets.
By opening the doors you can hear
sound fragments about life with a
psychiatric ailment and the personal
and social consequences for you.

For more information about
this special museum in Haarlem,
the Netherlands, please visit
their website:

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