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My name is Johannes Pieter Overduin.
Johannes means: God is Merciful. Pieter means:
Rock. The Pieters of this world are independent and
versatile characters with a fighting spirit. They radiate
something close to charm and when you get to know
them you will find innumerable facets to their
personalities. They have a very rich imagination and are
furthermore rather determined people! For almost ten
years now I am not suffering from mood swings at all.

I worked in an institution for social and chronic
psychiatry for five years. I have two books to my name.
The first title is: I love myself... and the feeling is mutual.
Unfortunately, not many people understand the spiritual
meaning of this title. My second book is called:
God is confused, He thinks He's Pieter, to this book
my family and close circle of friends have contributed

Both books deal with Manic-Depressive illness and have
the form of a diary. Both books were written in order to
come to terms with my illness. I was very conscious of
this healing aspect of the act of writing. After publication
the books turned out to serve an unexpected educational
and informative purpose. I have written the books with
enormous pleasure. It gave me a real thrill to find, again
and again, the right words for what you feel and think.

My style? My style is concise, direct, frank, moving,
simple and humorous. I think that humour is of universal
importance and not always taken seriously, as it were.
I feel very blessed to experience the strength it gives me
every day.
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