December 1st 2011
The European Guide for
people suffering from
bipolar disorder and
their families has been
completed. As an
experience expert I was
asked to make a contribution.
Here you can Download the
English version.

Februari 13th 2011
Radio VPRO Institution Idzerda.
By: Pieter van der Wielen.

November 23rd 2010, Brussels.
'Learning to live with
bipolar disorder',

I am asked as an
'expert of expierence'
to join a steering committee
in creating an European
companion guide. The guide
is meant for people who are
affected by bipolar disorder
and their families.

When the guide is done,
I will keep you posted.

Review received from former
MEP and UK Health Minister
John Bowis
november 15th 2010 Read

Lecture GAMIAN 2010
21-23 october 2010

Pieter Overduin praises pupils
performing scene from book

juli 2nd 2010

GAMIAN - Europe
april 30th 2010

The new Omnibus released.

january 30th 2010

This new website online.
december 9th 2009

Presentation Audio books
by: Jörgen Raymann.

july 21st 2009