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Omnibus (book)
I love myself... and the feeling is mutual
God is confused, He thinks He’s Pieter
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each other. Like sun and shadow for
instance. In ‘I love myself… and the
feeling is mutual’ Pieter describes
his mental and physical ups and
downs, his unsuccessful education,
his relations, his anxieties and his
worrying about his medication and
their side effects. In ‘God is confused,
He thinks He is Pieter’ Pieter
describes his (hypo) mania, his
admissions, the second opinion, the
life chart and crisis chart. What makes
this part of the omnibus special is that
his families are co-authors.

The advantages of the omnibus:
you always have both books within
reach,  the omnibus has been
linguistically improved and also
contains material that has not been
published before. The omnibus gives
a survey of  my road to recovery. Unlike
the single books the omnibus has
been illustrated.


Language: English

Form: Paperback
           214 pages with
           illustrations in color.

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The idea of an
omnibus was born
from the thought that
some things actually
cannot ‘exist’ without
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